Welcome to the Southern Oregon China Connection, Committee of OCSSRC: Oregon - China Sister State Relations Council

About Us

The Oregon Fujian Sister State Association (OFSSA) is a Portland based organization of Oregonians, Fujianese and other interested individuals and organizations dedicated to seeking opportunities to improve understanding, respect and mutual prosperity through enhanced business, commerce, tourism, and educational relationships.

In 1984, Oregon Governor Vic Atiyeh led an official delegation to Fuzhou, Fujian Province’s capital city in the People’s Republic of China, and signed "Sister State" accords in behalf of Oregon. Nearly two decades later, during the 2002 and 2003 Oregon Trade Missions to Fujian, State Representative Dennis Richardson received warm welcomes and multiple requests from Fujian governmental and private business leaders for increased commerce, tourism and educational ties between Oregon and Fujian. To increase the positive exchange of information, business and financial intercourse, and lift to the next level the benefits of the Oregon-Fujian sister-state relationship, a private, 501(c)(3) non-profit association has been created under Oregon law.

A delegation representing OFSSA and Oregon businesses traveled to Fujian Province in October 2004 to celebrate 20 years of Sister-State relationships between Oregon and Fujian. Recently, OFSSA’s President and Board of Directors were named by Oregon’s Senate President and Speaker of the House to serve on the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Fujian Sister State. On June 14, 2006 members of OFSSA departed on a special Legislative Trade Mission to Fujian and other Chinese provinces. The Trade Mission was an official activiy of the Oregon Joint House/Senate Committee on Fujian Sister State.

Find out more information about the OFSSA and how to become a member by visiting OFSSA.org